Liz Smith Published Her Nora Ephron Obit Before Nora Ephron Was Dead

News of Nora Ephron's death late last night, of complications arising from leukemia, came to be public in a most curious way. The story was broken Tuesday afternoon by the gossip writer Liz Smith on the Web site wowOwow. Smith, a longtime friend of Ephron, hadn't gotten the family's permission to write about her… » 6/27/12 4:40pm 6/27/12 4:40pm

Some Of The "Sexiest Men Over 50" Are Not So Sexy

You guys, ageism is a terrible thing, but just stay with me here for a minute: The ladies of a certain age over at WowOwoW.com have lost their freakin minds. Or eyesight. How else to explain some of the choices on the listicle » 9/23/08 2:20pm 9/23/08 2:20pm called "50 Sexiest Men Over 50"? Sean Connery? Sure. Clint Eastwood? Okay. Michael Douglas?…

This Week We Talked About Booties, Olympian And Otherwise

Liz Smith Has Gin & Fruit: What's In Your Refrigerator?

First of all, let it be known that we get hundreds of emails a day. And many of them contain "tips" about that site WowOWow.com. You know, the one with Liz Smith and Peggy Noonan » 8/13/08 2:40pm 8/13/08 2:40pm and other ladies of a certain age? Anyway, we have a theory that the "tipsters" are not really Jezebel readers but PR people as Jezebel…

Over-40 Women's Website Is Destined For Failure

There's a big splashy article in today's New York Times about the launch of Wowowow.com, a new website for women over 40 founded by NY Post gossip dowager Liz Smith, former presidential speechwriter Peggy Noonan, ex-Simon and Schuster president Joni Evans, 60 Minutes correspondent Leslie Stahl, and ad exec Mary Wells.… » 3/06/08 1:30pm 3/06/08 1:30pm