Cohabitation Is Illegal In Florida, And Conservatives Want To Keep It That Way

Florida Republicans haven't done this country many favors, but one, Rep. Ritch Workman has taken up a surprisingly sensible cause: He wants to get rid of several ridiculous, outdated laws, including one that makes it illegal for unmarried couples to live together. Unfortunately, his fellow Republicans are expected to… »8/31/11 10:03pm8/31/11 10:03pm

Cohabitation Break-Ups Can Be As Messy As Divorce

Do you consider living with your significant other a great way to lower your rent and increase your amount of time spent fornicating? Allow USA Today to point out the cracks in your dirty love shack. Apparently when unwed couples live together it isn't all shared Netflix subscriptions and shower sex — sometimes people… »4/26/11 9:58pm4/26/11 9:58pm