This Kanye-Living Single Mashup Is a Work of Happy Genius

Issa Rae did her due diligence today. Inspired by a tweet she saw about Sunday night's MTV Music Video Awards that compared Kanye West's dancing during his "Blood on the Leaves" performance to the woman who dances during the opening of the 1990s sitcom Living Single, Rae made that mashup happen. That is all, go about… » 8/26/13 1:50pm 8/26/13 1:50pm

You Won't Just Die Alone — You'll Be Totally Miserable, Too

Hey there. How's your day going so far? Have you spent much time thinking about how you're going to die alone in your apartment, face down in a bowl of the soggy cereal you're eating for dinner because why would you ever cook a proper meal when it's just you? Well, allow science to make your day even better by telling… » 3/26/12 11:15am 3/26/12 11:15am

Living Alone Does Not Make You a Weirdo… Or Does It?

The story about living alone in today's New York Times suggests that when your space is all yours, you get, well, strange: "The solo dweller is free to indulge his or her odder habits." That said, most of the so-called "Secret Single Behavior" in the story isn't really that bizarre. Reporter Steven Kurutz talks to… » 2/23/12 7:00pm 2/23/12 7:00pm

Brits Say Getting Married Early Saves You From A Depressing Life Of…

Andrew G. Marshall wrote a piece » 8/04/08 3:30pm 8/04/08 3:30pm for Saturday's of London arguing that if you're gonna get married, doing it early — in your twenties — is best. On the same day, Stefanie Marsh a story about how being single sucks. The pressure! From all sides! Marshall says there's more hope for a couple in crisis if they got…