Attention, Strumpets: 'Shacking Up' Might Actually Lower Divorce Risk

Conservative grandmothers across this great nation of ours love to warn their female progeny that if they give "the milk" away "for free," then no one will want to "buy the cow." Often concurrent with this adage is the belief that a solid bloc of statistics show that premarital cohabitation — or "shacking up" or… »3/11/14 7:00pm3/11/14 7:00pm

Marriage Benefits Pregnant Women's Health More Than Cohabitation, Suggests Study

Although it sounds kind of like a cautionary tale that a 1950s mom would tell her daughters ("If you get 'in trouble,' you better get married, or else you will exploooooooode!"), a new study in The American Journal of Public Health has determined that there needs to be more research into the health detriments and… »12/29/12 3:45pm12/29/12 3:45pm

Increased Popularity of Living in Sin Leads to Baby-Having 'Ambivalence' Epidemic

There is a serious shortage of stock images that turn up when you type in "bored pregnant woman," particularly if you are listening to The Latest Statistics™. The National Center for Health Statistics has released the first federal report on intended and unintended pregnancies in the U.S. since 1990, and it shows that… »7/24/12 11:55pm7/24/12 11:55pm

Cohabitation Is Illegal In Florida, And Conservatives Want To Keep It That Way

Florida Republicans haven't done this country many favors, but one, Rep. Ritch Workman has taken up a surprisingly sensible cause: He wants to get rid of several ridiculous, outdated laws, including one that makes it illegal for unmarried couples to live together. Unfortunately, his fellow Republicans are expected to… »8/31/11 10:03pm8/31/11 10:03pm