Live Blogging The Season Finale Of Mad Men

The finale of the first season of Mad Men » 10/26/08 10:00pm 10/26/08 10:00pm was so shocking and awesome—Peggy's weight gain was Pete's baby!—it's hard to imagine how they're gonna top it. Will Joan stay with her rape-y fiancé? Will Roger marry Jane? Will Duck become president of Sterling Cooper? Will Don ever live with Betty again? Will he even ever…

Liveblogging The Start Of Rachel Maddow's News Hegemony

Rachel Maddow's show premieres tonight! Squee! And, for real, just to be able to watch it, I am sitting tethered to my Blackberrry like its the convention again, watching it on a 13 inch TV in an un-air-conditioned house. That's how committed I am!! It starts after the jump (with her appearance on Olbermann!) It… » 9/08/08 10:06pm 9/08/08 10:06pm

Sex And The City, The Movie: The Insanity Begins In Earnest

In the weeks (and months) leading up to today - the theatrical release of the Sex and the City movie - everyone has been weighing in on what the show's real significance is, whether these wealthy, sexed-up characters are even feminists, and whether Carrie Bradshaw was even a friggin' sex writer. (In my opinion, she… » 5/30/08 10:30am 5/30/08 10:30am

ANTM Finale Live Blog: Arrivederci Cycle 10

ANTM finales are always bittersweet because we've been working up to this moment all cycle, but then that means that we won't have this ridiculousness that we love to laugh at next week. As far as winners go, I'm rooting for Anya, because the girl can't take a bad picture, and because she seems like a really genuinely… » 5/14/08 8:00pm 5/14/08 8:00pm

The Rock Of Love 2 Finale: Who Will Touch Bret's Backstage Pass?

So tonight is the season finale of Rock of Love 2. Jeez, time flies when you're watching strippers and out-of-work actresses battle it out for the attention of a man with more weave tracks and under-eye concealer than them. After all these weeks, it's come down to two women: The blonde with fake tits and the blonde… » 4/13/08 9:00pm 4/13/08 9:00pm