Beyoncé's Life Is a Movie: A Totally Calm Lemonade Liveblog

Hello, perhaps you have noticed that Beyoncé is debuting a... something on HBO this evening. Is it an album? Is it a documentary? Is it a narrative film, or all three? We know as much as you do; here’s your spot to follow along, comment, and behave totally rationally and in a very calm, adult fashion as this happening


Chris Rock, 900 Old White Men and Some Ladies: It's Jezebel's Oscars Liveblog!

We arrive at Hollywood’s annual prom night for the 88th year in a row with some caveats and some questions: mainly #OscarsSoWhite is a cause for boycott for many, wherein it’s unclear if the ancient pasty mummy-men controlling the movie industry even saw half the movies on the ballot. But also, does this night even…

Twirlin' on Them Haters: It's Your 58th Annual Grammy Awards Liveblog

Though the Grammys began at something like 6 AM PST this morning, there will potentially be a nighttime amount of happenings. Everyone’s freaking out at the possibility of a Zayn/remaining members of possibly now-defunct boy band One Direction run-in. Rihanna is probably performing “Work”—in which she will no doubt…

Hellfire, Damnation & Donald: Welcome to Your Republican Debate Liveblog!

On the occasion of the year’s 33,000th and final Republican debate, we at Jezebel thought we’d conjure up something special. No not a demonic entity sent to rain down hellfire and put us out of this misery (unfortunately), but a very special joint liveblog experience in which Gawker will join Jezebel for the ultimate…