Add The Leftovers to Your Checklist of TV Shows Depicting Actual Rape 

This season of HBO’s The Leftovers is three episodes in and unequivocally great. The taut pain and tightly wound mystery of Season 1 has given way to new characters, and, with new storylines, its existing characters have a chance to spread out a bit. The show skips around its own timeline, a device currently used to… »10/19/15 5:50pm10/19/15 5:50pm


Judge Rules That Sofia Vergara's Ex Can Sue For Custody of Embryos

A judge granted Nick Loeb - Sofia Vergara’s terrible ex - permission to seek custody of the two embryos that were created during the couple’s relationship. In addition to seeking custody of genetic material, Loeb is now claiming that Vergara breached an oral agreement to let the embryos be brought to term by a… »5/24/15 10:35am5/24/15 10:35am

Benedict Cumberbatch Kills Your Dreams, Will Marry Fiancée Today 

Gangly ginger and unlikely heartthrob Benedict Cumberbatch, will marry pregnant fiancee Sophie Hunter today. According to various sources, Cumberbatch has been scheming this vile plan to stomp all over your heart for some time. Sources also confirm that the couple will marry on the Isle of Wight, the windiest place in… »2/14/15 10:35am2/14/15 10:35am

Camille Grammer Says She Was Abused After Recent Hospital Visit

In today's Tweet Beat, Avril Lavigne gets confused in her quest to start an undoubtedly very popular hashtag, Kate Upton and Liv Tyler help each other out during a difficult workout and Camille Grammer reveals some details about an incident of physical abuse that apparently occurred after her recent hospitalization… »10/28/13 7:30pm10/28/13 7:30pm

Kanye Accused of Cheating on Kim With Rando Canadian 'Model'

As the birth of the Kimyeby draws nigh, a 24-year-old Canadian model told the Star — truly the hallmark of upstanding journalism — that Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian with her after explaining that they were just together "for publicity and nothing serious." Says Leyla Ghobadi: "This is going to destroy the… »6/12/13 9:00am6/12/13 9:00am