China Is Pretty Much the World's Biggest Little Mermaid Fan

So China — as in, the People’s Republic of — is really into the Little Mermaid, and not that saccharine Disney cartoon we feed our tumescent American children. The Hans Christian Andersen fairytale is apparently a huge deal in China, so much so that Denmark has been able to establish a strong diplomatic relationship… »8/25/13 3:00pm8/25/13 3:00pm

Sleeping Beauty May Be Safe, But Ariel Has Some Explaining To Do

Last week, Sadie made the case »10/11/08 3:30pm10/11/08 3:30pm for Sleeping Beauty, a classic Disney film that, while having its drawbacks in terms of presenting feminist ideals to little girls, still stands the test of time as a fairly harmless piece of children's entertainment. While I agree with Sadie, especially about the fact that we need to…