R.I.P. Phyllis Diller, Comedy Pioneer and Goddamn Treasure

Groundbreaking female comedian, world-class cackler, and irrepressible icon Phyllis Diller passed away in her sleep this morning. She was 95. Diller began her stand-up career in the mid-'50s when she was already a 37-year-old mother of five. » 8/20/12 8:00pm 8/20/12 8:00pm

Who Are These Jerks Making Fun Of Coco?

Today in Tweet Beat, Coco is feeling a little down, 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler flaunt their love, and Joy Behar is now BFF with Bill O'Reilly. » 12/13/10 7:45pm 12/13/10 7:45pm

Rainn Wilson Cyberbullies Heidi Montag

Today in Tweet Beat, it's fun to watch Rainn Wilson pick on Heidi Montag, Richard Belzer's dog is a shower, and Christian Lisa Whelchel's "Plan B day" isn't really what it sounds like. » 1/27/10 7:00pm 1/27/10 7:00pm

Adrianne Curry Reveals Her Photoshop Of Horrors

Today in Tweet Beat, ANTM Cycle 1 winner Adrianne Curry compares and contrasts Photoshopped/non-Photoshopped pictures, Snooki is shopping at the mall for a NYE dress, and Yoko Ono is still delightfully weird. » 12/30/09 7:00pm 12/30/09 7:00pm

Elle's Joe Zee Gets Racially Profiled At Sur La Table

Today in Tweet Beat, Elle's Creative Director Joe Zee is offered a rice cooker, Real Housewives' Alex McCord has published a book with husband Simon Van Kempen, and Lindsay Lohan doesn't want 2010 to begin with rumors. » 12/23/09 7:00pm 12/23/09 7:00pm

Lindsay Lohan Tries To Start Dramz With Samantha Ronson

Today in Tweet Beat, Lindsay catches Sam in a lie, Sarah Palin is finally about to shut down her Governor of Alaska Twitter account, Solange is out-fashioned Beyoncé, and Rivers Cuomo is having a baby (with his wife). » 11/17/09 7:20pm 11/17/09 7:20pm

Michael Lohan Takes His Crusade To Save Lindsay To Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, Michael Lohan is "saving" his daughter by posting unflattering pictures of her and fighting with Perez Hilton, and Amber Rose doesn't appreciate the rumor that Kanye West died, and reminds us that she's still "riding" him. » 10/21/09 7:00pm 10/21/09 7:00pm

Billy Ray Cyrus' Twitter Gets Hacked

Today in Tweet Beat, some "butthole" hacked into Billy Ray Cyrus' account, Sherri Shepherd gives relationship advice, and Jessica Simpson wants you to respect her dead dog's memory. » 10/12/09 6:40pm 10/12/09 6:40pm

Billy Ray Pleads For Miley Cyrus To Return To Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, Paris Hilton gets a pig, Kirstie Alley hates Chelsea Handler, and Jessica Simpson finally learns how to spell "Morocco." » 10/09/09 7:00pm 10/09/09 7:00pm

Elizabeth Taylor Accuses Media Of Lying About Her Health Issues

Today in Tweet Beat, Elizabeth Taylor clarifies her health situation, Tyra steals Larry King's suspenders, and Danny DeVito is drunk…again. » 10/07/09 7:00pm 10/07/09 7:00pm

Courtney Love Accuses Peaches Geldof Of Drug Use, Theft

Today in Tweet Beat, Courtney Love has a bone to pick with Peaches Geldof, Paris Hilton is working on her fake eyelashes line, and Danny DeVito loves his booze. » 9/23/09 7:00pm 9/23/09 7:00pm

Jon Gosselin Makes Important Announcement About Hailey Glassman

Today in Tweet Beat, Courtney Love clears up a Page Six item about herself, Miley Cyrus wants to dance for Jesus, and Lindsay gets snarky with Sam. » 9/21/09 6:20pm 9/21/09 6:20pm