Odd Future's Frank Ocean Reveals His First Love Was A Man

In December of 2011, when Frank Ocean, R&B singer and member of hip-hop collective Odd Future, was on a plane from New Orleans to L.A. he wrote a document in text-edit that he has now published on his tumblr which reveals him to be bisexual. The summer that Ocean was 19, he fell in love with his closest friend, a boy… » 7/04/12 11:00am 7/04/12 11:00am

There's Trouble in Khloe and Lamar's Paradise

Lamar Odom's NBA career has been less-than-sparkling lately; first he was traded from the Lakers to Dallas, and now Dallas is taking him off the court — and, as one might imagine, this is doing a number on his mood. Dude's depressed. And his wife, Khloe Kardashian, is worried. Says a proverbial friend of the couple… » 4/10/12 9:00am 4/10/12 9:00am