Less Rage, More Reflection: An Interview With Lisa Lampanelli 

Lisa Lampanelli has a new comedy special, and it’s less about fucking black guys—a big part of Lampanelli’s schtick—and more about her personal struggles: Turning 50, getting a divorce, living through both bariatric surgery and taking up yoga. Sporting an edgy haircut (think Suze Ormond at a punk show) and tight jeans… »6/26/15 6:10pm6/26/15 6:10pm


Lena Dunham Finally Addresses Lisa Lampanelli's N-Word Tweet

It's been a few days since Lisa Lampanelli tweeted out a photo of herself and Lena Dunham with the moronic caption, "Me and my nigga @LenaDunham of @HBOGirls — I love this beyotch!!" and, while Lampanelli gave an interview to XO Jane explaining her reasoning behind it (spoiler alert: her reasoning is stupid and… »2/22/13 6:00pm2/22/13 6:00pm

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli Drops an N-Bomb While Talking About Lena Dunham

Lisa Lampanelli, a comedian who's the self-proclaimed "queen of mean"*, is over on Twitter being a real idiot. Her psuedo provocative act is tiring, and this is really, really not OK. No matter how many times she talks about how she slept with a black man, the n-word is still off-limits. Let me try to put this in… »2/19/13 12:00am2/19/13 12:00am

Lisa Lampanelli Donates $1,000 To Gay Charity For Every Westboro Baptist Picketer At Her Show

After hearing that the Westboro Baptist Church wanted to picket last night's show, comedian Lisa Lampanelli said that for every person who showed up to protest, she would donate $1,000 to charity Gay Men's Health Crisis, "the nation's oldest HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care services provider": »5/21/11 4:00pm5/21/11 4:00pm