Beauty Bloggers Are The Lowest Form Of Freeloader

A story in the Times today chronicles the "growing power" of beauty bloggers. Hey, how come we never read those?, we wondered, and resolved to end that neglectful habit today and point our clickers to every one of the Top 10 Beauty Blogs as anointed by last week's WWD. Wrote Fabulista over at beautybloggingjunkie » 1/31/08 12:30pm 1/31/08 12:30pm

MAC Cosmetics Can Make You Look Really Hideous This Halloween — For…

Makeup was invented to make you look hot. And as we all know, Halloween was also invented to make you look hot. Seriously, who among us didn't love Halloween as a kid solely because it was a chance to apply pretty lipstick and eyeshadow and pink mascara? And yes, in this case "solely" means "besides the lifetime… » 10/25/07 4:00pm 10/25/07 4:00pm

Is Rubbing Cum All Over Your Face The Secret To Eternal Youth?

A facialist recently marveled to me: "Your lines are worse than mine and I am 40 years old!" Which forced me to point out: "I'm not CHINESE." So Asians have better skin. Do they have to rub it in our faces? Segue alert! Enter Lo & Dough, Jezebel's resident beauty product geeks.In the first installment of their… » 10/05/07 1:30pm 10/05/07 1:30pm