Here's Why The "Lipstick Index" Won't Die, No Matter How Many Times…

A new study by researchers at Texas Christian University, the University of Minnesota, the University of Texas at San Antonio and Arizona State University has found that women buy more cosmetics and beauty products during economic recessions — and that they do it because they're trying to attract men with money. » 6/21/12 5:40pm 6/21/12 5:40pm

The Hemline Index Is a Myth. So Why Won't It Go Away?

The Hemline Index — the notion that hemlines rise during economic upswings, and head towards the floor in downturns — is still kicking around. And for no good reason, frankly, because it's an unreliable indicator of anything beyond fickle fashion trends. And yet it persists, year after year, season after season. What… » 2/23/12 1:20pm 2/23/12 1:20pm

Why Do We Love the Lipstick Index So Much?

When I first heard of the lipstick index—a term coined by Estee Lauder chairman Leonard Lauder to illustrate how purchases of small luxuries (lipstick) rise in recessions, serving as compensation for consumers suddenly unable to buy larger luxuries (mink?)—I was all giddy that women's purchasing power had earned its… » 12/09/11 12:25pm 12/09/11 12:25pm

Economy "Lipstick Index" Is Now A Nail Polish Index

In 2001, Leonard Lauder, chairman emeritus of Estée Lauder, coined the term "lipstick index" to explain why lipstick sales rose even as the economy took a nose dive. Lauder declared that during times of recession, people spend more on affordable luxuries. However, according to shocking new data, the contents of your… » 9/18/11 11:46pm 9/18/11 11:46pm

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