Here's the Best Classic Red Lip Stain that Stays On Forever

Some people are so stylish that they can transcend makeup, can pull off every trend, no matter how objectively ugly, with the cool blase of a Mick Jagger muse. As somebody who has been doing her makeup virtually the same way since I was a teenager, I am not one of those people. I like to find products that work for me… »10/23/15 3:30pm10/23/15 3:30pm


Eyeliner and Liner Notes: The 1950s

Well, we did it. We’re finally here. We’ve finally made it to the era that everyone thinks of when they think of “retro” makeup. It’s all eyeliner and lipstick from here on out, so grab your old pictures of Liz Taylor, cinch your waist in, and start adding liquid eyeliner how-tos to your Pinterest board because it’s… »7/29/15 6:30pm7/29/15 6:30pm

Sephora Taking Heat for Selling Lipstick in the Shade 'Underage Red'

Sephora has made its share of missteps. First, the company stopped selling Demeter products, making it impossible for me to smell like Ginger Ale or a Blueberry Muffin whenever I wanted, and then they started marketing Kat Von D's makeup again, a move that's brought controversy to the brand with Von D's new shade of… »3/16/15 12:45pm3/16/15 12:45pm

Will You Bravely Take a Lipstick-Smeared Selfie to Support Pap Smears?

So I'm not some kind of animal here to argue with the idea that there are women out there who need to be more regularly screened for cervical cancer. These statistics are from England, but so is the related bullshit (at least so far, but it threatens to spread!). At any rate, here are the numbers: in England, about a… »1/29/15 5:50pm1/29/15 5:50pm

My Whole Weekend Is Ruined Because I Am a Woman With Needs

It's Friday afternoon and I should be riding high right now. After a week of crafting high-quality content for the internet, it's time for a break. It's time to chillax, enjoy some adult beverages and look fly as hell doing so. I should be ECSTATIC right now, dear readers, but I'm not. Why? Because my whole fucking… »1/16/15 6:00pm1/16/15 6:00pm

Do You Subconsciously Want to Have Sex With Your Lipstick?

What's in the name (of a lipstick)? That which we call a lipstick by any other name would look as awesome/get smeared on your teeth at the worst possible moments! Okay, sorry, that Shakespeare pun attempt didn't go so well. But professor Debra Merskin categorized the names of 1,722 lipsticks for an awesomely-named… »6/06/12 4:10pm6/06/12 4:10pm

Hillary Clinton Boldly Goes Before the Cameras With No Makeup On

Hillary Clinton has been especially busy this week, traveling to China and India and accomplishing all sorts of important tasks. While the media has been dutifully covering all of her travels, she's also gotten a bit of attention for something that has nothing to do with her actual job: Hillary had the nerve to show… »5/08/12 9:00pm5/08/12 9:00pm

The Best Lipsticks for Long-Lasting Color and Possible Lead Poisoning

So many of us smear our mouths in lipstick multiple times a day, but how often do you stop to think about what exactly is in it? Well, here's one terrifying ingredient it might have: lead. Lead? Yes, and lead is some serious shit. So just how much danger are we all in if we want to keep our lips looking sumptuously… »2/15/12 11:00am2/15/12 11:00am

Caviar-Infused Designer Lipsticks Will See Us Through The Recession

Estée Lauder chairman Leonard Lauder's claim that lipstick sales rise during a recession has been disproven, but overall there has been a 9% increase in sales of high-end cosmetics since last year despite the economic downturn. While shoppers are cutting back on clothing purchases, they're still willing to splurge on… »11/10/11 9:50am11/10/11 9:50am