Mariah Carey Almost Pulls An Ashlee Simpson Performing "Live" On GMA

This morning, Mariah Carey appeared on Good Morning America for its Summer Concert Series (is it really summer yet!?) and performed three songs. During "Touch My Body," her backing track — aka, her crutch, should her voice crap out, and she can't hit a particular note — kicked in way earlier than it should, fucking… »4/25/08 6:00pm4/25/08 6:00pm

Paula Abdul "Sings" For Super Bowl Pre-Game Show

Don't you just love how the campiest, gayest performances manage to consistently pop up during Super Bowl programming? This year for the pre-game show, Paula Abdul—with help from her producer/American Idol co-judge/guitar player Randy Jackson—poorly lip-synced her new single "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow." The song… »2/03/08 7:11pm2/03/08 7:11pm