Stephenie Meyer Is Developing a New Supernatural Thriller Series for Hulu

It’s been only a month since many Twilight fans turned on Stephenie Meyer for her cheap gender-swapped rewrite of Twilight, but the author is on to bigger things already. Deadline reports that Meyer is working with Lionsgate to develop a new series about a woman tasked with protecting the UK from ghosts and monsters. »11/16/15 6:30pm11/16/15 6:30pm


Hunger Games Studio Sics Lawyer on Fans Trying to End Hunger

Uh oh. You know what they say: A good deed never goes unpunished. And so, when a bunch of fans of The Hunger Games books partnered with Oxfam to launch a campaign called "Hunger Is Not a Game," it was only a matter of time before they received a strongly worded letter from Lionsgate, the studio behind the movie. »3/23/12 11:00am3/23/12 11:00am