It Was the Seventies! Tippi Hedren Once Kept Lions as Pets

Perhaps one of the greatest stories of Hollywood glamour and ego gone wrong is the one of Tippi Hedren and then-husband Noel Marshall illegally breeding lions on their California property. Hedren was insistent that the big cats—like lions, tigers and panthers—made great pets. Case in point, here's a lion cuddling » 3/12/15 6:15pm 3/12/15 6:15pm

​Sly Lion Cub Scares the Bejesus Out of Unsuspecting Dog

As someone who loves sneaking up on friends and seeing how long I can stand within inches of them without them noticing, I can appreciate this big cat's stealth game. And honestly, I don't think the cub really meant to frighten the poor dog—the cub itself seemed startled by the dog's reaction. IT JUST WANTS TO PLAY… » 8/03/14 1:00pm 8/03/14 1:00pm

Lion Club Adorably Tries to Murder a Football

Dear Seahawks Fans, even if you are destined to watch your team lose this evening, you will still always have this adorable video of a lion cub trying to murder some official Seahawks merchandise with its itty-bitty claws. Look how it tries to disembowel the football! Too precious. We could eliminate concussions by… » 1/19/14 5:30pm 1/19/14 5:30pm

Lady Lion Killed by Her Brother at Dallas Zoo :(

Well, this is really fucking sad. A female lion named Johari, 5, was attacked and killed by a male lion in her enclosure at the Dallas Zoo on Sunday afternoon. Another obvious example of the patriarchy in action, said some idiot making a terrible joke (me). » 11/18/13 7:45pm 11/18/13 7:45pm

BoneDigger The Lion Loves Milo The Dachshund And I Am DEAD

Everyone please stahp everything you are doing right now and just watch this video of BoneDigger the lion and his best bud, Milo the dachshund. » 11/16/13 4:00pm 11/16/13 4:00pm

Affectionate Lion Cubs Will Make Your Pets Seem Tawdry and Boring

Unless you’re a ogre (and if you are, that’s completely fine, you do you), you can’t look at a lion cub without feeling that little instinctual twang to smother it with cuddles. But two lion cubs?? Rolling around, batting each other playfully?? This is the sort of irresistible propaganda dictators use to climb the… » 10/20/13 2:30pm 10/20/13 2:30pm

It's True: Lions Almost Exclusively Go to Dachshund Dentists

Can someone please turn this into a cartoon about a dachshund dentist and his big cat patients? Everyday is a daring adventure at Doggie Denistry, LLC(ute). (The poster is those two, standing on hind legs and back to back, looking over their shoulders at each other. Do it!) » 5/30/13 1:40pm 5/30/13 1:40pm

Big Cats Playing in Boxes Reminds Us That Cats Are the Fucking Coolest

This video from Big Cat Rescue reminds many of us that we live with pint-sized kings and queens of the jungle. Damn, cats are awesome. » 5/29/13 8:30pm 5/29/13 8:30pm

Gloria Swanson Insisted on Being Pawed by a Lion, Like a Badass

In 1919, the legendary actress Gloria Swanson was not yet legendary — she was just a young woman who recklessly insisted that Cecil B. DeMille not cut a scene from Male and Female that called for a real claws-and-teeth, carrion-breath lion draping its paws across Swanson’s back. » 5/05/13 3:00pm 5/05/13 3:00pm

Illinois Finally Cracking Down on the Sale of African Lion Meat

At long last Illinois is considering legislation to deal with its disquieting lion meat problem. Oh, you weren't aware that folks in Illinois were tearing into huge lion rib eyes at Fourth of July barbecues, washing down the gamey taste of proud African wildcat with onomatopoetic soft drinks and A1? Then you, my poor,… » 3/10/13 12:00pm 3/10/13 12:00pm

Bad Day? Dry Your Tears on These Six Baby White Lions

Hey, little buddy. Don't cry. No, seriously, stop it before I citizen's-arrest you, because ever since these six baby white lions were born, CRYING IS ABOLISHED. I know you think you know how cute six baby white lions are, but you have no idea. You have no. Idea. Snugz. » 1/17/13 6:30pm 1/17/13 6:30pm

The Lion in the Geico Commercial Ought to Be a Lioness

In her classic article, Teddy Bear Patriarchy, Donna Haraway examined the arrangement of the taxidermied animals in the American Museum of Natural History mammal hall in the first half of the 1900s. She observed that the dioramas consistently featured nuclear families with strong fathers alert for dangers and… » 1/02/13 4:35pm 1/02/13 4:35pm

Just Look at These G-D Magnificent Lionesses Strut. Work It, Ladies.

Wow. It's two lionesses and their cubs, just out walking in Masai Mara. I don't know, it might be that I'm a little sleepy, but my eyes are starting to water. Like, look at those little magnificent beasts. Jesus CHRIST, they're just big fucking house cats. You might be reading this with a mini lion on your lap who's… » 11/28/12 11:00pm 11/28/12 11:00pm

The Curious Case of Botswana’s Androgynous Lionesses

In my ongoing effort to bring back some stately British narration to documentaries about the African wilderness (I've also filmed and, shall we say, "dressed up" my cats as a panther and an ocelot, respectively, so I could build up a nice reel to send to Nat Geo, fingers crossed), we're going to take time out of the… » 10/28/12 12:00pm 10/28/12 12:00pm

Family Planning at Zoos Can Get Really Depressing

This isn't going to be easy, but, um, you know how you go on some random squee site and see really adorable pictures of the new tiger cubs born, let's say, at the Copenhagen Zoo? Yeah, well, some of those cubs were probably euthanized to help control the tiger population and recreate the extremely high cub mortality… » 8/03/12 10:25am 8/03/12 10:25am