The Curious Case of Botswana’s Androgynous Lionesses

In my ongoing effort to bring back some stately British narration to documentaries about the African wilderness (I've also filmed and, shall we say, "dressed up" my cats as a panther and an ocelot, respectively, so I could build up a nice reel to send to Nat Geo, fingers crossed), we're going to take time out of the… » 10/28/12 12:00pm 10/28/12 12:00pm

Lionesses: Female Soldiers Are Seeing Combat

A new PBS documentary, Lioness » 11/05/08 4:40pm 11/05/08 4:40pm, sheds new light on the role of women in combat. (It's reviewed in today's .) While technically prohibited from direct ground combat, female soldiers in Iraq frequently find themselves occupying a "gray area" that's never existed in prior wars. As one soldier puts it, “We’ve had grenades…