The Lion King Cast Takes Over Subway, Delights/Annoys Everyone

The Broadway cast of The Lion King took over the subway this week to the unbridled delight of passengers on their way to somewhere that probably wasn't a musical. And while some people looked pretty unhappy to be part of an impromptu Broadway performance, some people seemed genuinely pleased by all the loud noises… »8/08/14 2:40pm8/08/14 2:40pm


The Lion King Turns 20 Today! Here, Let Me Ruin It for You.

Twenty years ago today, the Lion King opened in wide release. I was 12 at the time, slightly past my prime Disney years, so the Lion King was never my #1 jam (which just means I've only seen it, say, 10 times instead of 1,000). But in honor of the Lion King's birthday, I re-watched it to see if it still holds up!… »6/24/14 3:15pm6/24/14 3:15pm