Bless Your Heart: A Meditation, A Taxonomy, A Eulogy

There is a phrase that a woman can deploy like a verbal stiletto. It's increasingly dangerous to use, because many people are catching on to the phrase's true meaning. You've got a decent shot at sneaking it by folks who aren't from the South, but more and more, you try unloading it on anyone at all in America and you… »3/06/15 3:30pm3/06/15 3:30pm


10 Things People Once Complained Would Ruin The English Language

You've probably heard that English is being ruined — by the Internet, by texting, by Americans, by young people who have no respect for proper grammar. But it turns out that people have always worried over English, and over the centuries, have accused all sorts of things of "ruining" the language. »2/06/15 1:30pm2/06/15 1:30pm

New Study Shows That Babies Start Picking Up Language in Utero So Quit Fucking Swearing Already

If you thought you only had to start watching what you say in front of your kids once they're around 1 or 2-years-old, think again. A new study shows that babies begin picking up language while they are still in the womb, maybe even as early 30 weeks' gestation, which is generally around the time that the fetus… »1/08/13 12:15pm1/08/13 12:15pm

Women, Stop Talking. Old Men Don't Like How You Speak.

There's a reason that every generation is displeased with the speech patterns and patois of the generation that follows. Language is a living thing that's constantly morphing and evolving. If you get left behind or fail to learn popular slang and speech patterns of today, it becomes far easier for others to peg you as… »1/07/13 6:50pm1/07/13 6:50pm

Everyone Totes Copying How Young Women, Like, Talk and Stuff

In the eighties, Valley Girlspeak permeated young women's interactions with each other. In the nineties? Young ladies? Were ending things? With a question mark? Now, women end their phrases with a low growl, a la Britney Spears before she needed to be left alone. And in ten years or so, everyone will be ending… »2/27/12 7:45pm2/27/12 7:45pm