Lingerie Football Coach Sexually Threatens Player in Fun Promo Video

The Lingerie Football League — which recently renamed itself the Legends Football League and made a big production of women getting real, protective uniforms but those new real, protective uniforms look suspiciously exactly like lingerie — has posted a promotional video to its YouTube channel where one of its coaches… » 5/21/13 11:45pm 5/21/13 11:45pm

Feminism Is Now Literally Killing Boners: Lingerie Football League Will…

The Lingerie Football League has announced that it will be rebranding itself to more accurately reflect its position as the "most successful women's sports league" by focusing on the actual athletics of it. The LFL will be changing its name to the Legends Football League and that players replace the bras, panties, and… » 1/11/13 12:00pm 1/11/13 12:00pm

Lingerie Football Player Would, In Fact, Like To Wear More Clothes

This Fox & Friends interview with Angela Rypien, quarterback for the Lingerie Football League's Seattle Mist, makes for some depressing — if illuminating — viewing. When Brian Kilmeade asks her if she'd like to wear a less-revealing uniform someday, she responds with an unqualified yes. But according to Gretchen… » 11/01/11 6:40pm 11/01/11 6:40pm

Lingerie Football League Knows You Really Just Want To Tackle A Player

The Lingerie Football League is just full of good ideas. First it started a youth division, then it tried to recruit Paris Jackson as a spokeskid, and now it's offering one lucky fan a chance to tackle a player. » 10/28/11 5:05pm 10/28/11 5:05pm

Lingerie Football League Courts Paris Jackson As Youth Spokesperson

In a bid to remain ever creepy, the owner of the Lingerie Football League has invited Paris Jackson to be the spokesperson for its new youth division. He's also pissed off a lot of his adult players. » 10/24/11 9:50am 10/24/11 9:50am

PETA Continues To Use Cleavage To Encourage Compassion

Now it's the Lingerie Football League. Footage of barely-clad hot chicks talking about animal abuse is spliced between footage of rabbits being killed and elephants being smacked. It's not for the faint of heart, and frankly, it's pretty tacky. » 12/09/10 7:15pm 12/09/10 7:15pm

Girls Play Football Fully Clothed

Girls' flag football is on the rise in Florida high schools, but some critics question its relevance because it's not a varsity sport in college — and because the only professional opportunity for women is the Lingerie Football League. [NYT] » 5/17/10 2:20pm 5/17/10 2:20pm

Lingerie Football Fumbles • Sarah Palin's Favorability Is Rising

• As if there wasn't already reason enough to abhor the Lingerie Football League: The league has filed a lawsuit against a group of former players, who complained that the league reneged on promises to pay medical bills. • » 12/17/09 5:40pm 12/17/09 5:40pm

The Lingerie Football League Would Like To Be Taken Seriously

"I think it is eye candy for one but it is also football and it is real," says Kaley Tuning, wide-receiver with the Miami Caliente. Other team names: San Diego Seduction, Dallas Desire, Seattle… Mist. [Reuters] » 9/04/09 10:20am 9/04/09 10:20am