This Languorous Lingerie Party Looks Fun 

Behold a spread from the January 1922 issue of Good Housekeeping, headlined, “Quality and Price Meet on Equal Ground in These Models from the January White Sales.” Seems it was a great year for discounts on lingerie. More importantly: these ladies look like they’re having a great time. So glamorous! So languorous! »11/04/15 4:45pm11/04/15 4:45pm


Actresses in Old Hollywood Labored Over Their Brow Game, Too

It's Friday, which means that—once again—it's time to marvel at the marvelous Hollywood PR machine of yore and its seemingly endless ability to find new ways to make actresses pose while doing their makeup. This time we've got an actress from the heady days of transition from silent to sound, darkening her eyebrows. »3/27/15 8:20pm3/27/15 8:20pm

American Apparel's New Lingerie Model Is 62, Looks Better Than Us

American Apparel, the retailer where I buy all of the yoga pants I use as regular pants (to the chagrin of others), has revealed their newest lingerie model, 62-year-old Jacky O'Shaughnessy. You may recognize O'Shaughnessy from previous AA ad campaigns, but this is the first time she has posed for advertisements that… »2/01/14 1:32pm2/01/14 1:32pm