Lindsay Lohan Dresses Like Sharon Tate on Charles Manson's Birthday

If you haven’t perused the Instagram of Lindsay Lohan recently, you’ve missed several riveting moments in the actress’ life, including a plate of shrimp scampi, some inspirational quotes and a shot of her Bitmoji avatar sitting on the can. Most recently, the 29-year-old posted a photo of herself dressed up like Sharon… »11/12/15 9:45pm11/12/15 9:45pm


Bieber's Mad About the Nude Photos, Still Wants You to Know There Was 'Shrinkage'

Justin Bieber is aware that the entire internet has seen his penis (consensus: it’s very nice, but his dad is creepy), and though he isn’t pleased that the nude vacation photos were released, he’d still like you to know that shrinkage was a serious problem. That some serious bragging, Bieber. “That was shrinkage for… »10/17/15 10:30am10/17/15 10:30am

Lindsay Lohan Published An Essay About 9/11, Plenty of Other Things, to Instagram

On Sunday, September 13, 2015, actress and wedding guest Lindsay Lohan published a 248-word essay on Instagram about the events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Because many people share stories about how the events of 9/11 affected them, that Lohan shared hers isn’t surprising. What’s notable is that the story is a… »9/14/15 2:55pm9/14/15 2:55pm

You Should Probably Think Twice Before Insulting Nicki Minaj Online 

The next time one of Nicki Minaj’s photos appears on your Instagram feed, click to view all the comments and scroll through a few pages. Scattered among the instances of “QUEEN” and “nicki i luv u come to iran,” you’ll find plenty of haters saying things like, “ew,” “u look like a ugly horse,” and “u r fat.” »8/24/15 9:35am8/24/15 9:35am

Remember When Lindsay Lohan Was Nominated For a VMA?

The year 2005 was a playground for pop musicians; the internet was not yet mainstreamed to the degree it is now, so album sales had not yet declined, and MTV still aired videos. Yet, by 2005, gossip sites were hitting their stride simultaneously, and Lindsay Lohan was feeling the burn. »7/21/15 3:45pm7/21/15 3:45pm

LiLo, Modern-Day Rudy, Beats the Odds and Completes Community Service

Sometimes the snow comes down in June, sometimes the sun goes ‘round the moon, and sometimes a young and notoriously flaky celebrity with only a couple weeks left to complete 115 of her 125 court-ordered community service hours actually manages to achieve her goal. That’s right, everyone. Lindsay Lohan has pulled it… »5/28/15 10:30am5/28/15 10:30am

LiLo Wants to Flee to Monaco Before Her Community Service Deadline

With time running out to complete her community service hours before her May 28 deadline, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly looking for contingency plans to keep her out of the clink. The options: 1.) buckle down and complete the hours, 2.) accept the consequences of her actions and go to court, and 3.) live her life like… »5/18/15 10:30am5/18/15 10:30am

LiLo Tells Her Mom She Has 'No Right' to Come to England, Is Wrong

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan aren’t so different than you and your mom! They too fight over which old items to sell at a garage sale (she wants to turn your childhood bedroom into an office and who can blame her!) and who’s allowed to go on Celebrity Big Brother. Here’s a question: Why are moms always trying to… »4/13/15 10:30am4/13/15 10:30am