Allure editor Linda Wells Explains Why Her Magazine is Different

In an extensive interview with the Business of Fashion, longtime Allure magazine editor Linda Wells reflects a bit on her success with the fashion and beauty publication she's helmed since it was started in 1991, the one that most recently made headlines for putting actress Zoë Saldana's weight on its cover. » 9/10/13 4:40pm 9/10/13 4:40pm

Black And White And Schmancy All Over

Was there a dress code? Or do stars just hear "CHANEL Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner" and assume through long practice that it's an occasion for black and white? » 4/26/11 10:35am 4/26/11 10:35am

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld has chic in her genes. And, um, her clothes. Naomi Watts pulls off this kinda-mod, kinda-90s sheath. Whether she can sit…

Allure Editor Celebrates 20 Years Of Homogenized Beauty Standards

Twenty years ago this month, Allure editor Linda Wells founded the magazine that we credit with teaching us how to shower and how to rub sunscreen on our bodies. So, how is she marking this auspicious occasion? With an outdated defense of uniformly thin models! » 2/14/11 10:24am 2/14/11 10:24am

Allure Editor Defends Pushing Beauty Products That Don't Work

The documentary Youth Knows No Pain, which premiered on HBO last night, featured Allure editor-in-chief Linda Wells, who says it's OK that anti-aging creams don't do what they claim, since they make women feel better about losing their looks. » 9/01/09 2:20pm 9/01/09 2:20pm

Memo To Allure: Rachel Zoe Is Not Alluring

Allure magazine is the most confusing of all the American ladymags. Is it a beauty magazine? A fashion magazine? Both? Do people really still buy it? But what's even more confusing was the guest list for last night's NYC event celebrating the "Most Alluring Bodies": those of Hilary Duff, Katherine McPhee, Paula… » 5/08/08 10:30am 5/08/08 10:30am

Did Allure Plagiarize Creative "10-Minute Hair" Angle From Glamour?

Today the Wall Street Journal ran an interesting piece about how large companies like Johnson & Johnson love the magazine Allure because its editors give their products all this free advertising even though they already advertise, which in turn makes them so gracious they buy even more advertising. Um...we're glad… » 3/04/08 3:30pm 3/04/08 3:30pm

After Allure magazine ran that story in its October issue on the new hair-straightening technique out of Brazil that uses crazy, dangerous amounts of formaldehyde, there was a spike in women wanting the service. Says Allure editor-in-chief Linda Wells: "It's so illogical that people would willfully pursue something… » 11/16/07 7:20pm 11/16/07 7:20pm

'Allure' Editor Linda Wells: Determined, Impatient, Logical

How in God's name does a magazine like Allure survive year after Creme de la Mer-laden year? Well, besides lots of quid pro quo between advertisers and beauty editors, the continued durability of the magazine owes a lot to Linda Wells, who went from being a Connecticut-born, über-blonde beauty/style reporter for the … » 8/07/07 11:15am 8/07/07 11:15am

Rihanna Falls Prey To Anna Wintour's Hair-Gemony

We've been all a-scratch over what the hell was so damn irksome about Teen Vogue Intern Diana's Friday blog dispatch on attending the Venus Celebrity Legs Of A Goddess Event with R&B chanteuse Rihanna. Perhaps it was: » 6/19/07 11:11am 6/19/07 11:11am

Oh shit, no, we just figured out the reason!

Anna Wintour Not Exactly A Style Icon To 'Allure' Magazine

Poor Anna Wintour. First there was the news that recently-convicted fashion journalist Peter Braunstein wanted to kill her and now, one of the Vogue editor's own sister publications has essentially deemed her irrelevant. In a four-page feature on "the bob" in the June issue of Allure, readers are treated to… » 5/29/07 11:15am 5/29/07 11:15am

MagHag: Allure, February 2007

Maybe it's just me, but I don't pick up Allure anymore unless one of my favorite actresses is on the cover. Seeing that I have few favorite actresses anymore under the age of 40 and with a Conde Nast-approved Body Mass Index of under 20, this means I pick it up, say, once a year. » 2/05/07 10:15pm 2/05/07 10:15pm