Team Rape Lost Big Last Night

Well, well, well, America. You're so much less awful than I thought. With horror stories of suppression and fuckery being whispered from Ohio to Florida, many nervous Obama voters braced for the worst yesterday, only to be rewarded with what basically amounts to the election equivalent of the pony they thought Santa… » 11/07/12 11:45am 11/07/12 11:45am

12 Races That Women Could Win Tonight

Some call it the culmination of the American political process, others call it Bullshit Christmas Eve — however you swing it, tonight, we come to the end of the three ring binder circus that we call the election season (you know, barring excessive, obnoxious litigation. Which is likely). But while we were all… » 11/06/12 11:20am 11/06/12 11:20am

Introducing 'Emergency Rape', This Season's Hottest Rape Trend

You've heard of "legitimate rape" and "forcible rape" and "rape rape" and (thanks, Ron Paul!) "honest rape," but have you heard the new rape hotness? Last night, during a debate between Connecticut Senate candidates, Republican upper house hopeful Linda McMahon explained her view on emergency contraception by… » 10/16/12 2:25pm 10/16/12 2:25pm

Want to Know What's in These Female Candidates' Bags? iPads, Meditation…

We women loooove getting a peek at what other women are carrying in their purses. I'm kidding around, because it's such a tried-and-true ladymag spread, but I'm also undeniably a sucker for a good "What's In Her Bag?" article, too. (I'm also still patiently waiting for the day when someone asks to photograph what's… » 9/28/12 4:45pm 9/28/12 4:45pm

How Much Does It Cost To Topple Pelosi? $65 Million.

Since January 1, 161,203 ads have aired targeting Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They cost a total of $65 million, a record-breaking figure, according to CNN. That managed to topple Pelosi's majority, if not her leadership. Money was less effective elsewhere. » 11/09/10 10:05am 11/09/10 10:05am

Post-Midterm Quarterbacking: The Good, The Bad, And The Inconclusive

Republicans took the House in a historic sweep, but failed to take the Senate — or elect rich-lady candidates (Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Linda McMahon) and sundry crazy people (Sharron Angle, Christine O'Donnell, Carl Paladino). Here's a complete rundown. » 11/03/10 9:35am 11/03/10 9:35am

Linda McMahon's Lady Problem

Among women voters in Connecticut, Democratic nominee Richard Blumenthal leads Linda McMahon almost two-to-one. Democrats keep pushing the gross-out violence against women on the WWE. The McMahon campaign's solution: More lavender and playing up McMahon as a mom. » 10/14/10 5:18pm 10/14/10 5:18pm

The Day I Beat Down Mick Foley

You may know him as Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack, or that pro-wrestler who really, really loves Tori Amos. I now know Mick Foley as the guy who taught me to kick ass. » 10/05/10 2:02pm 10/05/10 2:02pm

Linda McMahon May Or May Not Have Thoughts On The Minimum Wage

Linda McMahon's remark at a press conference that "we ought to review how much" minimum wage "ought to be" has, naturally made waves. » 9/30/10 5:50pm 9/30/10 5:50pm

Rich, White Republican Women Are Resembling Rich, White Republican Men

Meg Whitman just brought her contribution to her own campaign to $104 million. Linda McMahon spent $25 million in the Connecticut primary, promising to spend up to $50 million. It makes Carly Fiorina look like a cheapskate. Is this equality? » 8/16/10 9:58am 8/16/10 9:58am

Everything You Need To Know About Linda McMahon

The Republican nominee for Senator from Connecticut is former WWE chief executive Linda McMahon, whose yacht is named Sexy Bitch, who once publicly kicked her husband in the crotch — and who knows how women really talk to each other. » 8/11/10 1:04pm 8/11/10 1:04pm

Primary Victories for Wrestling Exec, High Heels Dude

Last night's primaries were a mixed bag both for Democratic control of Congress and for women in politics. Among other races, Republicans picked Ken Buck for Colorado Senator — because he doesn't wear high heels? » 8/11/10 10:06am 8/11/10 10:06am

5 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's (abbreviated holiday edition) compilation of pop culture crap, Ryan Seacrest has a new beard and if you can run the WWE, you can run for senate. » 7/02/10 4:00pm 7/02/10 4:00pm