Testosterone Causes Traders To Cheat, Risk Sabotaging Relationships With Economy

Hey. Testosterone, It's the Economy, stupid! Ha ha ha, okay yeah dumb joke shut up. So, just to make it clear: I'm not mad. I might be at a rough point in my cycle right now, but babe that is natural, (and on the plus side, no more unplanned bubbles for Ben Bernanke to pawn off on the overextended tax base!) Anyway, I… »4/15/08 12:30pm4/15/08 12:30pm


Trader Lawsuit Reveals Secret To $13 Billion Hedge Fund Riches: Estrogen Pills, Pretty Dresses!

Context: Hedge funds, those secretive Connecticut forces that run the world/take all its money/answer to no one, are known for having a lack of females at the top. Creative solution time! »10/12/07 11:00am10/12/07 11:00am

A trader is suing his former hedge fund for forcing him to scour the black market for female hormone pills in hopes they would…