No Cussing Club's Crusade Against Modern Family Is the Stupidest Shit…

Tonight's episode of Modern Family promises to make bowties twirl on the necks of their scandalized viewers when a pint-sized character drops the F bomb. One group is so offended by little Lily's linguistic lapse that they're spearheading a grassroots effort to prevent the episode from airing. Who are these bastions… » 1/18/12 2:50pm 1/18/12 2:50pm

Is A Female-Only Literature Prize Sexist?

Upon the release of this year's long-list for the Orange Broadband prize for women's fiction, a couple of English novelists are decrying the prize under the grounds that it's conceptually sexist (Zadie Smith, pictured, won the Orange in 2006 for On Beauty). Still Life scribe A.S. Byatt bitched about the prize to the … » 3/18/08 5:30pm 3/18/08 5:30pm