The New Annie Is Adorable (Sandy's a Cutie, Too)

Eleven-year-old Lilla Crawford is definitely fully dressed with that smile. Crawford wants to be Kristin Chenoweth and/or Sutton Foster when she grows up. But for now, she's the new Annie in Annie on Broadway. Sunny, the dog playing Sandy, was rescued from a shelter where she was within two days of being put down. Now… »11/09/12 11:40am11/09/12 11:40am


Global Superstar Nick Cannon And That Mimi Person Renewed Their Vows

An incandescent Mariah Carey and boy-husband Labradoodle Nick Cannon renewed their wedding vows last night in Edison, New Jersey. Just kidding, on the top of the Eiffel Tower. She spent her luxurious Parisian afternoon shopping at Baby Dior for #dembabies. Cannon spent his standing against a wall, unblinking, until… »4/28/12 11:30am4/28/12 11:30am