Stars Look At, Wear Art At MoMA

It's too bad that the Museum of Modern art costs $20 except on Fridays, since the premiere of 'Great Directors' made it look really good. Not that I'm guessing Padma Lakshmi, Susan Sarandon and friends had to pay.... » 6/23/10 10:30am 6/23/10 10:30am

Brightly Colored Dresses Sing At The Lend Me A Tenor Premiere

The opening of this Broadway revival drew stars like Mary-Kate and Ashley, Patricia Clarkson, Carol Kane, Julianne Moore and more! But in a sea of black garments, the head-turners were the ladies who dared to brighten up. » 4/05/10 12:30pm 4/05/10 12:30pm

Loose Lips

R. Kelly's publicist quits on the heels of reports that that he slept with her 19-year-old daughter. Isn't that kind of old for him? • R.I.P Evil Knievel! He's probably jumping over that giant canyon in the sky. • Darling Lili Taylor's got a bun in the oven! Aw. [MollyGood, TMZ, Dlisted] » 11/30/07 5:45pm 11/30/07 5:45pm