Joe Simpson's Alleged 21-Year-Old Boyfriend Sounds Like A Real Douche Nugget

Apparently "the gay community of Hollywood" isn't surprised by the rumors that Joe Simpson has come out to his family after the dissolution of his three-decade marriage, because some 21-year-old punk-ass West Hollywood kid has been going around and "boasting" about dating the 54-year-old former youth pastor for at… »10/27/12 11:30am10/27/12 11:30am

Def Jam Rapper Caught on Camera Beating the Crap Out of a Woman

A disturbing video has been leaked online in which Lil Reese is seen violently attacking a woman. It quickly went viral, trending on Twitter. Mr. Reese seems pretty unfazed by the bout of bad publicity, with his tweets making it clear that he's unapologetic about the incident, and blamed the negative attention on… »10/26/12 4:30pm10/26/12 4:30pm