Our Favorite Internet Cats Are Getting a Museum Exhibit

Get ready, cat people. An exhibit called “How Cats Took Over the Internet,” will debut on August 7 at the Museum of Moving Image in New York. According to a press release, the exhibition will take a “critical look at the phenomenon of cats online and how they have transfixed a generation of web users.” In a screening… »7/22/15 11:00pm7/22/15 11:00pm

'Anybody Can Be a Cat Lady' Including Me: Dispatches from CatCon

No one wants to talk about Grumpy Cat. Actually, everyone wants to talk about Grumpy Cat, but no one will do so on the record. The feline celebrity community is small and tight and, regardless of how they might feel, none of the people I speak to wants to be the one to bring Grumpy (or her owners) down. Plus, as one… »6/23/15 1:45pm6/23/15 1:45pm

Crackling Yule Logs and Lil BUB Are the Keys to Holiday Relaxation

A lot of us don't have working fireplaces and even more of us (almost all of us, really) don't have a Lil BUB, so does that mean our holiday season is ruined? In the past, yes, but this year, Lil BUB has arranged something special to allow you to share in all the warmth that her company and an open fire can provide. »12/19/13 2:30pm12/19/13 2:30pm

Lil Bub Draws Huge, Fawning Crowds at Her New York Book Signing

Lil Bub’s quest for media supremacy continued Thursday night outside Strand Books in New York, where hundreds of people collectively skipped dinner and stood in line to look at a cat. But not just ANY garbage-swilling, common street cat! Lil Bub is crazy-adorable, and, with a new book (Lil Bub’s Lil Book) out this… »9/07/13 1:30pm9/07/13 1:30pm

Hollywood Is All About the ‘Power Puss’ Right Now

This is a good news bad news scenario, so we’ll start with the bad news. No, “power puss” is not some glib epithet created by a secretly misogynistic male entertainment reporter to describe female power players in Hollywood, so this post has no good news to report about the glaring disparity between male and female… »7/13/13 1:00pm7/13/13 1:00pm

Universe Throws Us All a Bone With Announcement of Lil Bub Documentary

This week has been truly awful, a horrible compendium of devastating and senseless events. I'm completely positive that I'm not the only person who has (at least momentarily) considered severing all connections to human society and disappearing into the woods to found a colony of feminist witches based on the aunts… »4/19/13 1:10pm4/19/13 1:10pm

A Year in Lil Bub or Why We Love This Cat's Tiny Weird Face

The popularity of the Internet Cat has only increased since the dawn of the web and 2012 was no exception. This year saw plenty of feline celebrities — Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, Henry Le Chat Noir and the ever popular Maru — but few have even come close to outshining the star that is Lil Bub. With her many deformities… »12/29/12 11:30am12/29/12 11:30am

Lil Bub & Andrew WK Ask You to Donate to Your Local Animal Shelter This Holiday Season

It should come as no surprise that two entities as joyful and positive as Andrew WK and Lil Bub coming together for a good cause would create even more joy and positivity, but you might still be taken aback by just how heartwarming it is when it finally happens. Thanks to Vice, the pair have united to ask that you… »12/12/12 9:30am12/12/12 9:30am