Facebook Is a Great Place to Network with People Who Don't Exist

The other week, I got a random Facebook friend request from a suspiciously modelesque shirtless dude who sent me a message that read "I wish to accept friendship." We had no friends in common. My coworker Dodai got a similar request with the same message but from a totally different person. Were we among the chosen… »8/02/12 6:00pm8/02/12 6:00pm


Facebook Uses New Technology To Crack Down On Child Porn

Facebook has taken some flak recently for removing photos of women breastfeeding and gay people kissing (it says these were mistakes), but now it's using its passion for weeding out offensive photos for good. Today Facebook announced it's the first site to start using a new technology that can search through… »5/19/11 10:58pm5/19/11 10:58pm