Your NY State License Plate Can't Say PUBES, KOTEX, or LUVCOK

It's not that surprising that "FUCKER," "DILD0E" and "SUCKIT" (and all variations thereof) are on the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles's list of banned vanity plates. But non-straight people, Jews, and Kurt Vonnegut fans might be dismayed to know that GAYGUY, PISHER, and KARASS are no-nos, too. We're living… » 7/30/13 1:20pm 7/30/13 1:20pm

North Carolina's Anti-Abortion License Plates May Not Be Ready In Time…

North Carolina is attempting to release "Choose Life" license plates because when women spot the message on another car they'll be forced to look deep within their souls and reconsider their moral beliefs (on whether or not it's okay to key someone's car). The ACLU of North Carolina is suing because six attempts to… » 11/29/11 11:50am 11/29/11 11:50am

Tea Party License Plates Now Approved In Arizona

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed a bill allowing Arizona state license plates bearing a snake and the Tea Party slogan "Don't Tread On Me." No taxpayer money will go towards making the plates, but a portion of their sale will "be devoted to supporting the message of limited government and the Constitution."… » 4/29/11 7:15pm 4/29/11 7:15pm