Libyan Rape Victim Still Being Held In Gadhafi Compound

Though Libyan officials say Iman al-Obeidi, the woman who told reporters she was raped by 15 government thugs, is at home with her sister, her parents told Al-Jazeera that they know she's still in captivity. Her mother said she received a phone call on Monday from someone claiming to be from the Gadhafi camp, telling… » 3/28/11 8:34pm 3/28/11 8:34pm

Libyan Rape Victim Shouts For Justice, Violent Melee Ensues

Iman Obaidi, who burst into a hotel dining room filled with foreign journalists Saturday, is probably not the only woman victimized by government thugs, it is a depressingly safe assumption to make. Although the journalists were unable to independently verify her story — they are essentially under lock and key of… » 3/28/11 10:10am 3/28/11 10:10am