UC Berkeley Sex Columnist: Have Sex in the Library, UC Berkeley Librarian: Please Don't Have Sex in the Library

Katie already reported on the phenomenon of library sex — please sing that in your heads to the tune of Birthday Sex and later let's rewrite the words, OK? — but just to recap, Nadine Cho, the sex columnist for UC Berkeley's student paper The Daily Californian, encouraged students to get down and dirty in the stacks.… »12/16/12 11:00pm12/16/12 11:00pm

The Fifty Shades of Grey Frenzy Hasn't Even Climaxed Yet

More than 10 million copies of Fifty Shades of Grey have been sold in the past six weeks, a rate its publisher says is "unprecedented" and expects to continue "exceeding even our most optimistic forecasts." Sales even jumped the week before Mother's Day, meaning women didn't put aside their hunger for Twilight »5/22/12 6:20pm5/22/12 6:20pm

Fifty Shades of Grey Banned From Libraries for Being Too Racy and Poorly Written

The erotica spectacle known as the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy may be a hit with the ladies, but it's not so popular with the libraries. It turns out libraries in several states have pulled the books off their shelves or refused to stock them in the first place because they deem the work "too steamy or too poorly… »5/10/12 9:30am5/10/12 9:30am

Mom Arrested After Baby Laughs Too Loud In Library

People in Georgia can rest easier, knowing that police are protecting them from moms who make a scene in libraries. Donnetta Foster was at the Decatur Library last October using a computer to prepare for a job interview when her toddler laughed too loudly at a flash card. Foster says she quieted the boy, but security… »9/07/11 9:50am9/07/11 9:50am