UC Berkeley Sex Columnist: Have Sex in the Library, UC Berkeley Librarian: Please Don't Have Sex in the Library

Katie already reported on the phenomenon of library sex — please sing that in your heads to the tune of Birthday Sex and later let's rewrite the words, OK? — but just to recap, Nadine Cho, the sex columnist for UC Berkeley's student paper The Daily Californian, encouraged students to get down and dirty in the stacks.… » 12/16/12 11:00pm 12/16/12 11:00pm

Sexy Librarians: The Appeal Is Ethical, Not Aesthetic

By now you've probably read about Wasilla, Alaska librarian Mary Ellen Baker, » 9/04/08 2:00pm 9/04/08 2:00pm who at then-mayor Sarah Palin's request, despite the risk of losing her job. But in case you weren't feeling impressed enough with librarians, has a - banned books week begins on September 26, people! - about another badass librarian…