Bernie Sanders Spent Rosh Hashanah Trying to Teach Evangelicals About Inequality  

Shanah Tovah from Lynchburg, Virginia, where Bernie Sanders just gave a beautiful, thoughtful speech on income inequality to the student body of Liberty University, an evangelical college that calls for “a strong commitment to political conservatism [and] total rejection of socialism.” »9/14/15 5:10pm9/14/15 5:10pm

Is Liberty University's New 'Freedom Tower' Just a Big Ol' Dick or Nah

Liberty University, the conservative Christian college for conservative Christians has just broken ground on an exciting new project! It’s a monolithic tower of manhood that will proudly stand at attention at the center of the University’s campus, straining as far towards heaven as its structure will allow. »9/02/15 1:10pm9/02/15 1:10pm

Supporter of Ohio's Heartbeat Bill Gives Exceptionally Unhinged Speech in Favor of Biblical Law

With the Republican-controlled state Senate refusing to even consider the measure, Ohio's so-called "Heartbeat Bill" has effectively flatlined. But that hasn't stopped rabid anti-abortion demonstrators from flooding the Capitol and throwing a Holy Tantrum, claiming that laws that contradict Biblical law are… »5/22/12 3:10pm5/22/12 3:10pm

University's Code of Conduct Warns Against Abortion, Witchcraft, and Female Immodesty

Normally, Liberty University is one of those bizarre/annoying things you can just forget exists, like Branson, Missouri or the band Smashmouth, but not this weekend. Nope, this weekend, centrist and totally rational Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be addressing the hyper conservative evangelical university as… »5/11/12 4:00pm5/11/12 4:00pm

Mitt Romney to Deliver Commencement Address at America's Nuttiest College

Desperate to prove to the rightest of the Republican right wing that he's just as conservative as they want him to be, Mitt Romney has accepted an invitation to be the commencement speaker at Liberty University, a Christian school in Virginia that teaches its students that the earth is 6,000 years old, fossils aren't… »4/19/12 2:00pm4/19/12 2:00pm