Texas County Clerk Refuses Gay Marriage Licenses, Just to Be a Dick

A county clerk in Texas is refusing to issue gay marriage licenses, and pretending like she has a good reason. Denton County Clerk Juli Luke issued two statements today, the first saying that she’s refusing to issue the licenses because state law now conflicts with federal law, and the second claiming that actually… » 6/26/15 5:50pm Friday 5:50pm

Obama Administration Dares To Promote LGBT Rights Abroad; Outrage Ensues

Yesterday in a speech by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a memo from President Obama, the White House laid out its new commitment to promoting gay and transgender rights worldwide. While many are applauding the announcement, some say Obama has ulterior political motives. The move has already affected the 2012… » 12/07/11 11:40am 12/07/11 11:40am