Levi Johnston Claims Bristol Wanted To Get Pregnant In New Book

If you're inappropriately amused by hearing legitimate news organizations report the wine cooler-infused, trashy details of two teens boning, you're in for a treat. In Levi Johnston's memoir, the former Playgirl model/mayoral candidate contradicts nearly everything Bristol Palin wrote in her book, ensuring that we… »9/12/11 10:19pm9/12/11 10:19pm


Levi Johnston Doesn't Have Time To Run For Mayor Of Wasilla

A year ago, Levi Johnston said he couldn't watch his ex Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars because he was too busy studying up on the issues that affect the people of Wasilla, Alaska. Now it turns out all that book learnin' was for naught, because he's decided not to run for mayor. His attorney tells the… »8/23/11 10:40pm8/23/11 10:40pm

Levi Johnston's Tell-All Book Has Fittingly Ridiculous Title

Levi Johnston is undoubtedly one of the most important Americans of our time (or at least as important as Kendra Wilkinson) so we're surprised it's taken him this long to score a book deal. Finally we'll get to learn a little about the man behind the Playgirl photos in his upcoming memoir Deer in the Headlights: My… »4/25/11 9:30pm4/25/11 9:30pm