David Letterman vs. Mr. Rogers: Two Meditations on Manhood

If you were born in the ‘60s and ‘70s, Mr. Rogers taught you how to be an adult and then years later, David Letterman taught you that you really didn’t have to be one, after all. Although Rogers was arguably the most sincere man on TV and Letterman was the most cynical, the two men actually have a surprising amount in… »5/20/15 3:30pm5/20/15 3:30pm


Janelle Monáe Danced on the Desk During Last Night's Letterman

Janelle Monáe was on The Late Show With David Letterman last night to promote her new album The Electric Lady (out today!) and she performed so hard that the show was actually killed DEAD. Singing "Dance Apocalyptic," Monáe bashed up a microphone stand, danced on the desk and brought so much energy that even the… »9/10/13 3:00pm9/10/13 3:00pm

Harrison Ford Tells Hilarious Broccoli Joke, Disappointingly Does Not Announce Candidacy for President

Harrison Ford is a pretty all-around delightful human being, earring and all. After David Letterman "convinces" him to tell a funny produce joke, Ford obliges and reminds everyone why he was probably the second-best president of the 20th century, just behind Bill Pullman and slightly ahead of Morgan Freeman. »9/16/12 11:25pm9/16/12 11:25pm

The Daily Show: Bill Clinton Defends His Obama Love (Or Lack Thereof)

Many people — including a very vocal Chris Rock »9/24/08 12:00pm9/24/08 12:00pm on Monday night's — believe that the Clintons, especially Bill, have not been enthusiastic enough in their support of Obama. Last night Slick Willy himself went on and defended himself to Jon Stewart. Jon has this tendency to be a leeetle starstruck when the big guns…

George Clooney Calls Daniel Day-Lewis "A Jerk" On Letterman

Aw, George is so cute when he's pretending to be angry! In this clip from last night's Letterman, Dave gently taunts George about his recent Best Actor Oscar loss to Daniel Day-Lewis, and George joke-fights back. Sigh. If only George's taste in women were as good as Daniel's, he'd truly rule the universe. Clip above. »4/03/08 3:20pm4/03/08 3:20pm

Katherine Heigl Proves That Marriage Hasn't Mellowed Her One Bit

What a difference a few days make: Three days after Katie Holmes' stiff appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman, Grey's Anatomy actress Katherine Heigl showed up to plug her film 27 Dresses...and talk about her December wedding. Heigl seemed a mite more relaxed than she did in February (her first time on … »1/17/08 11:00am1/17/08 11:00am