"The Sexual Revolution Was Central To Women's Liberation"

Part 2 of VH1's documentary mini-series Sex: The Revolution aired last night, and a portion of it focused on the sexual revolution's influence on feminism in the 1970s and vice versa. The doc combines archival footage of interviews, TV shows, and protest rallies and new interviews with heavyweights like Gloria… »5/15/08 7:00pm5/15/08 7:00pm

Cosmo Girl Has The Spiciest — And Smartest — Advice When It Comes To Teen Sex

Down Under, two of the major teen magazines, rivals Dolly and Girlfriend, are banding together to fight government suggestions that the magazines come with "audience age recommendations," because of the sexually-explicit nature of their question-and answer-sections. According to the Daily Telegraph, "Tasmanian Senator… »5/01/08 3:00pm5/01/08 3:00pm