Parents, Ready Your Wallets: Disney Confirms It's Making Frozen 2

Disney has announced that a Frozen 2 film is a go, thus ensuring that Frozen madness will never end and an entire generation of children of global warming will recall fondly shared childhood memories of watching a movie about the extreme cold. » 3/12/15 2:45pm 3/12/15 2:45pm

Police Department Wants to Arrest Elsa Because of All the Fucking Snow

Poor Elsa of Arendelle! Just when she thought that it was safe to come out of her ice castle and build a snowman with her cloyingly perky sister, the police department of Harlan, Kentucky has issued a warrant for her arrest. Do you want her dead or alive, Harlan, Kentucky? And how much do I get for turning her in? » 2/20/15 9:30am 2/20/15 9:30am

Toddler Overcome With Joy by "Let it Go" Busts Out Awesome Dance Moves

This adorable little boy is probably the world's biggest Frozen fan and he is not afraid to show his love for the movie's signature song. » 1/03/15 5:15pm 1/03/15 5:15pm

Father of the Year Gives His Daughter a (Literally) Frozen Doll

When this little girl asked for a Frozen doll for Christmas, she probably did not expect the possibility of getting a doll frozen in a block of ice. CLASSIC MISTAKE. She only has herself to blame. I mean, can anyone really blame her ingenious jokester father who pulled the most epic Frozen-related fast one? I only… » 12/28/14 12:30pm 12/28/14 12:30pm

For People Who Hate Themselves: Here's Lea Michele Singing 'Let It Go'

Want to hear the full version of Lea Michele singing "Let It Go" on Glee? Oh, you do? I was being kind of sarcastic, but—uh—here it is, I guess. » 12/22/14 4:30pm 12/22/14 4:30pm

Here's Lea Michele Singing 'Let It Go' for Glee's Last Season

The final season of Glee premieres on Jan. 9 and there's now a promo video featuring Lea Michele belting "Let It Go," a choice that's apropos and annoying at the same time. According to this 20-second teaser, Rachel and Kurt are back at McKinley to revive the Glee Club, but Sue's gonna give them hell. » 12/16/14 10:50am 12/16/14 10:50am

This Bulldog Singing Frozen's 'Let It Go' Is The Meaning of Life

Philosophers, religious experts, scientists and drunk people on Twitter have pondered the meaning of life for eons. Why are we here? What is this world all about. I can tell you finally, because I am the only one who has figured it out. The meaning of life, the great mystery of why we exist, is for one reason and one… » 12/11/14 11:15pm 12/11/14 11:15pm

Little Girl Rewrites “Let It Go” into a Masterpiece About Pooping

I've never seen Frozen, so I am just going to assume the movie was one giant metaphor about bowel movements because this young lady's version of "Let It Go" just spoke to me. Interestingly enough, now that I think it's about poop, I actually want to see Frozen. » 10/04/14 12:45pm 10/04/14 12:45pm

Adorable Little Girl Curses Out Parents for Not Listening to Her Sing

You know what, mom and dad? If you're not going to take your kid singing "Let It Go" while wearing official Disney tie-in apparel seriously, you honestly deserve to get called out for it. You're just lucky this little girl loves you so much that she chose not to "bust you in a minute." » 9/23/14 3:45pm 9/23/14 3:45pm

Watch ​Frozen's Elsa Spread the Icy Love in This Once Upon a Time Teaser

Frozen's conquest of every aspect of pop culture is showing no signs of slowing down. In this teaser for the fourth season of the ABC show, we see the snow queen walk the streets of Storybrooke, freezing nearly everything in sight. » 9/01/14 12:00pm 9/01/14 12:00pm

Pearl Jam Confirms: We Have Reached Peak "Let It Go"

Friday night, at a performance in Milan, Italy, Pearl Jam cut in on a performance of "Daughter" to play a few licks from Frozen's "Let it Go." » 6/22/14 7:20pm 6/22/14 7:20pm

Disney Made a Weird Choice When Dubbing Frozen in Arabic, Apparently

Frozen continues its relentless march across the face of the planet. Not content to drive English-speaking parents to drink, Disney is rolling out "localized" versions of the movie for languages around the world. But why is the Arabic version so weird? » 6/02/14 4:40pm 6/02/14 4:40pm

Dad Tries and Fails to Get His Kids to Stop Singing 'Let It Go'

A father in Kansas tried and failed to find a way to rid his home of the Oscar-winning song "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen. » 5/21/14 11:29pm 5/21/14 11:29pm

Frozen Merch Is Sold Out Everywhere and Parents Are Losing Their Shit

It has become impossible to get any official merchandise from Disney's animated megahit Frozen—toys and clothing are sold out everywhere, even after a recent, large-scale restocking effort. Enterprising individuals are charging up to $1,000 for Frozen items on eBay, which has driven parents completely insane.… » 4/09/14 1:00pm 4/09/14 1:00pm

'Let It Go' Is Now a Club Anthem And It Is Genius

If you thought "Let It Go" had reached its saturation point and have been sighing at the umpteenth cover that's made the rounds on your favorite sites, get ready to be sucked back in with this energizing club mix created by Dave Audé. Idina Menzel's vocals are a perfect match for the pumping rhythm and electronic… » 3/22/14 6:20pm 3/22/14 6:20pm

Watch this impersonator sing "Let it Go" in TWENTY-ONE Disney voices

We know, we know. There've been enough covers of Frozen's "Let it Go" by this point to play out from now until eternity. But voice-impersonator Brian Hull's may just be the most impressive of them all. Watch him sing Frozen's theme song in the voices of 21 Disney and Pixar characters. He totally nails it. » 3/15/14 6:24pm 3/15/14 6:24pm