Frozen Merch Is Sold Out Everywhere and Parents Are Losing Their Shit

It has become impossible to get any official merchandise from Disney's animated megahit Frozen—toys and clothing are sold out everywhere, even after a recent, large-scale restocking effort. Enterprising individuals are charging up to $1,000 for Frozen items on eBay, which has driven parents completely insane.… » 4/09/14 1:00pm 4/09/14 1:00pm

'Let It Go' Is Now a Club Anthem And It Is Genius

If you thought "Let It Go" had reached its saturation point and have been sighing at the umpteenth cover that's made the rounds on your favorite sites, get ready to be sucked back in with this energizing club mix created by Dave Audé. Idina Menzel's vocals are a perfect match for the pumping rhythm and electronic… » 3/22/14 6:20pm 3/22/14 6:20pm

Watch this impersonator sing "Let it Go" in TWENTY-ONE Disney voices

We know, we know. There've been enough covers of Frozen's "Let it Go" by this point to play out from now until eternity. But voice-impersonator Brian Hull's may just be the most impressive of them all. Watch him sing Frozen's theme song in the voices of 21 Disney and Pixar characters. He totally nails it. » 3/15/14 6:24pm 3/15/14 6:24pm

The Oscars Played 'Let It Go' Too Late For Any Kids to Be Awake For It

What the heck, Oscars?! By the time Idina Menzel — luminous as ever — took the stage to sing the infectious "Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen, almost all of the little kids who've spent the last several months obsessed with the movie were tucked away in bed. (To the little girl who was dancing in the aisle when I saw … » 3/02/14 11:58pm 3/02/14 11:58pm