Leslie Jones Continues to Be Real: 'If I Pay $10,000 for a Dress, Y'all Gon' See Me In It Everyday'

Lots of big laughs and blood-curdling screams in this clip of Leslie Jones on Tuesday’s Live with Kelly and [Insert Michael Strahan Replacement Here]. The SNL and Ghostbusters star excitedly charmed her way through the majority of the interview, transferring her energy to Kelly Ripa and guest host Carrie Ann Inaba, as…

The Only Problematic Thing About the New Ghostbusters Is Its Awful New Theme Song

We’ve had to sit through months of sexist Ghostbusters fanboys in a full-blown outrage woody because the new Ghostbusters is comprised of four very capable, very funny women instead of men. The mommy-fear was palpable there, and perhaps a plant, because even despite Missy Elliott, the real thing Ghostbusters fans have…

Leslie Jones' Ghostbusters Castmates Lose It When She Recounts Her Days as a Scientology Telemarketer

The cast of the Ghostbusters reboot stopped by Ellen on Wednesday, leading to a delightful moment in which Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones almost brought Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Melissa McCarthy to the point of crying laughter with her recollections of her former job as a Scientology telemarketer.