Lesbian Dating App Dattch Weeds Out Men So You Don't Have To

British lesbian dating app Dattch, which verifies that its users are indeed female-identified, is now expanding into the United States, starting with San Francisco and expanding to other American cities. Further plans are to expand into other major English speaking markets like Australia and Canada. » 4/07/14 10:58pm 4/07/14 10:58pm

Tumblr's new porn crackdown hurts gays, lesbians, and bisexuals

In trying to crackdown on porn, Tumblr has added #gay, #lesbian, and #bisexual to the list of censored terms that will return no results on their iOS app. They say this is because those tags return too much porn. I say it's because our very existence is seen as obscene, and that this is a crackdown on our very… » 7/21/13 9:00pm 7/21/13 9:00pm

Study Finds That Almost Half of Bisexual Women Have Been Raped

Last year it was discovered that bisexual women were more likely to have depression or anxiety than straight women—the head researcher said this was likely due to dealing with the stigma against bisexuals. Now, the first national study that examines abuse rates by womens' self-identified sexual orientation has… » 1/26/13 5:00pm 1/26/13 5:00pm

What It’s Like to Be a Lesbian in the Lingerie Industry

The funny thing about being a lesbian in the lingerie industry is that it feels like a paradox: I see versions of myself everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It's undeniable that female homoeroticism plays a part in so many lingerie editorials, both implicitly and explicitly, that it's not difficult for me to find… » 11/24/12 10:00am 11/24/12 10:00am

Survey: Not All LGBT Americans Are Neil Patrick Harris

A massive poll released by Gallup today reveals some truths about the American LGBT community that might shock and upset people who like to imagine that television is real life: contrary to prime time network tropes, people who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transsexual are more likely to be… » 10/19/12 5:45pm 10/19/12 5:45pm

New Facebook Icons Let the World Know When You Get Gay Married

When it comes to modern relationships between insufferable people who take pictures of their food, it's not official until it's on Facebook. And until very recently, the social networking site couldn't provide accurate graphics to newly wed same sex couples, thus negating all gay rights. But not anymore — Facebook… » 7/02/12 1:00pm 7/02/12 1:00pm

Judge Declares Federal Law Banning Same Sex Marriage Both Crappy and…

The First Circuit US Court of Appeals ruled today that the Defense of Marriage Act, that Clinton-era relic designed to defend the institution of marriage against gays like a football team defends the end zone (if the gays get into the marriage zone, game over for straights!), is unconstitutional on the grounds that it… » 5/31/12 7:00pm 5/31/12 7:00pm

Baptist Pastor Suggests We Round Up the Gay People and Put Them in a…

Wow, when it comes to being bigoted maniacs, North Carolina's Baptist pastors are really on a roll. It was just a few weeks ago that Pastor Sean Harris suggested to his congregation that they beat their kids if they showed any signs of being gay. That seemed like it was as bad as it could possibly get, but, naturally, … » 5/22/12 11:50am 5/22/12 11:50am

Horrible Pastor Advocates Beating the Gay Out of Young Kids [UPDATED]

There have been some very bizarre and unfortunate arguments made in service of fighting gay marriage, but one pastor in North Carolina has just taken discourse to a dreadful new low. Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville thinks he's come up with a simple solution for preventing gay people from… » 5/02/12 11:20am 5/02/12 11:20am