The Curious Case of the Zendaya Comment: Who's the Real Idiot at E!?

The fallout over Giuliana Rancic's Oscars night comments about Zendaya's hair continues, with some sources now saying that Kelly Osbourne warned the E! Fashion Police crew not to make critical comments and others claiming that it was Kathy Griffin who fed Rancic the "smells like patchouli oil... or weed" line. It's a… » 2/26/15 10:30am 2/26/15 10:30am

Patricia Arquette: Time for Gays, People of Color to Stand Up for Women

After enjoying a brief period of good will following a rousing , Meryl-approved speech about wage equality, Patricia Arquette, who last night won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Boyhood, took her feminist cause in an unfortunate (and tired) direction by saying that it's time that gay people and… » 2/23/15 10:30am 2/23/15 10:30am

Iggy Azalea Is 'Taking Time Away' From Twitter Because of Haters

Your favorite rapper Iggy Azalea is quitting Twitter because of harassment she's received about her body surrounding the release of paparazzi photos of her trying to chill out by the pool in a bikini. "Just got back from a great vacation, came online and saw apparently it's shocking and unheard of to be a woman and… » 2/19/15 10:10am 2/19/15 10:10am

Early Reports of RihCaprio's Death Wrong; RihCaprio Lives On 

On Wednesday some bloggers declared the lovely, surreal relationship between Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio dead. It now appears that those early reports were overinflated. » 2/14/15 5:30pm 2/14/15 5:30pm

RihCaprio Is Dead, Long Live RihCaprio

Less than a month after shacking up with Rihanna, noted e-cig enthusiast Leonardo DiCaprio is already being all "You wanna go to a real party?" with a new blonde model. DiCaprio was seen rubbing mouths with a woman at a L.A. nightclub, just a few tables away from where Rih, also in attendance, was sitting. » 2/11/15 10:30am 2/11/15 10:30am

Did Katy Perry's Halftime Show Include a Subtle Taylor Swift Diss?

It's long been rumored that Katy Perry was going to devote a portion of her Super Bowl half-time show to throwing down the ultimate mega-dis against Taylor Swift and, boy, did she ever deliver. During last night's sports ball match, Perry came at Swift with an insult so subtle, so well crafted and so imperceptible… » 2/02/15 10:30am 2/02/15 10:30am

Lea Michele Once Barfed While Singing 'Let It Go'; We Need the Video

Perhaps you've gotten fatigued by the constant barrage of news about Lea Michele singing "Let It Go" for Glee over the past couple months, but hang in there, buddy: it's about to get good. Michele—who you may remember, if not from Glee, as the girl in your high school theater class who would never stop singing Rent » 1/23/15 10:30am 1/23/15 10:30am

This Week In Tabloids: Rihanna Says Leo Is 'The Best She's Ever Had'

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we open our tiny beaks as one to accept a regurgitated gluten-free salad of Lisa Rinna's discarded saline injections. This week: Amal and George are DUNZO YOU GUYS, Scott dumped Kourtney for booze & pills, K-Stew is settling into a "funky" lesbian lifestyle with her future wife, two… » 1/21/15 5:10pm 1/21/15 5:10pm

Chris Brown's Probation Temporarily Revoked Over Nightclub Shootings 

Chris Brown's probation has been temporarily revoked. His probation officer cited his presence at two recent nightclub shootings and other offenses. The most recent of the shootings happened last Sunday in San Jose while Brown was performing on stage. An earlier shooting happened last August while Brown was… » 1/15/15 9:00pm 1/15/15 9:00pm

BREAKING: Did Rihanna and Leo DiCaprio 'Swap Spit' at Playboy Mansion?

If you happen to be #Navy and/or have 50 Google alerts for various variations/misspellings of Rihanna's name, you already know that rumors have been literally flying about Riri and Leo D. possibly hooking up. They were both on St. Bart's for New Year's Eve, you see, and while at first we assumed that, if true, it was… » 1/12/15 3:15pm 1/12/15 3:15pm

Man, 40, Is Having an Age-Appropriate Time in St. Barts

» 1/02/15 5:50pm 1/02/15 5:50pm

Ariana Grande Denies That She Gets Carried Around Like a Little Baby

Ariana Grande, who reportedly has her staff carry her around like a baby, denies tabloid rumors that she has her staff carry her around like a baby—a denial that we assume was made from the supportive embrace and loving cradle of whichever staff member was carrying her at the time. » 12/11/14 10:30am 12/11/14 10:30am

'Real Sex Is Easier to Film Than Fake Sex' and More from Boogie Nights

Just in time for Christmas, here's an in-depth look at Hollywood's glitziest film about porn, Boogie Nights! *insert tasteless joke about Christmas and balls here* » 12/10/14 5:10pm 12/10/14 5:10pm

Leonardo DiCaprio's New Pussy Posse Fucking Sucks

40-year-old actor and goatee model Leonardo DiCaprio is having a great time at Art Basel in Miami. Not only is he hanging out with gaggle of models (as a DiCaprio does)—he's also found a brand new iteration of the Pussy Posse to hang out with. Sad! Cool! » 12/08/14 5:50pm 12/08/14 5:50pm

James Franco Posts and Deletes Another Scandalous Selfie

Happy Memorial Day weekend! In order to help you celebrate, James Franco (actor, author, director, the new messiah, etc.) has posted and deleted another revealing selfie for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately for Franco, the internet doesn't play peekaboo and anything you post is forever (especially when you do it… » 5/24/14 11:30am 5/24/14 11:30am

Leo's Pussy Posse in 2014: A Power Ranking

"When all the 17-year-olds become 22-year-olds, he'll have faded, but right now, he's right now," replied NYC-based drag queen Meeka, when asked about Leonardo DiCaprio by Nancy Jo Sales for her 1998 New York Magazine article "Leo, Prince in the City." » 5/11/14 2:00pm 5/11/14 2:00pm

Wolf of Wall Street Gets a Long Overdue 'Honest Trailer'

I loved The Wolf of Wall Street (mostly for all the Jonah Hill aspects), but this honest trailer of the film really nails all the things its die-hard fans want to ignore.
So go ahead an "watch as [DiCaprio] yells his way to an Oscar nomination." » 4/16/14 8:30pm 4/16/14 8:30pm

'My Day With Leo' Is the Work of an Anonymous, DiCaprio-Loving Genius

Let's get straight to the point: Some wit is carrying around cutouts of Leonardo DiCaprio, snapping pics at sights around New York City and documenting their rambles together on an Instagram account called "My Day With Leo." It is brilliant. » 3/07/14 3:45pm 3/07/14 3:45pm

Did a Studio Lengthen Margot Robbie’s Legs for The Wolf of Wall Street?

Hollywood sorcery can be wonderful. CGI can make the Hulk not look like Lou Ferrigno, or it can ensure that your favorite actor doesn't have to risk disfigurement to wrestle with a mountain lion. It can also extend the legs of fairly tall actress just a teeny-tiny bit so that when she uses them to fend off Leonardo… » 2/09/14 12:00pm 2/09/14 12:00pm

Jonah Hill & Brompany Touched Each Other All Over SNL

There was a lot of broing out last night on SNL, from Leonardo DiCaprio ambushing Jonah Hill during the monologue, to Michael Cera gently cupping Jonah Hill's testicles during a Her parody. It was all great fun, and no testicles were harmed in the making of the sketch (though Michael Cera's credibility as an… » 1/26/14 1:00pm 1/26/14 1:00pm