Kid Trips and Falls Through Pricy Painting, Makes Museum-Goers Paranoid Forever

You’ll never feel comfortable in a museum again after watching this video of some poor kid tripping into a million-dollar Baroque painting and putting a hole in the canvas, confirming your fears that only real show-stoppers like the Mona Lisa are totally protected and if you aren’t careful you could very well lurch… »8/25/15 10:20am8/25/15 10:20am


Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Kate Moss... And Were Unafraid To Ask

  • Kate Moss gives rare interview, reveals herself to be infantile. "I am still acting like a 17-year-old," she says defiantly. "I definitely haven't become middle-aged."' [The Mirror]
  • Other revelations? "I like making money." [The Sun]
  • Okay, that was edited a little unfairly. "But I don't call people up every day to see…
  • »7/18/08 12:30pm7/18/08 12:30pm