Westboro Baptist Wanted to Picket Nimoy's Funeral, But Couldn't Find It

It's not quite poetic justice, but we'll take it: the Westboro Baptist Church, a group of litigious trolls with the barest ties to Jesus, were unable to picket Leonard Nimoy's funeral because they don't know where it is. » 3/03/15 9:50am 3/03/15 9:50am

Godspeed, Leonard Nimoy

I was a kid the first time I watched The Wrath of Khan. I was a dedicated TNG fan and I'd seen the one with the whales, but when I bucked my bedtime and settled down to catch a late-night showing, I had no idea Spock dies at the end. As the credits rolled, I fucking sobbed. » 2/27/15 4:30pm 2/27/15 4:30pm

DMX May Not Lay The Smackdown on George Zimmerman After All

There was absolutely nothing good about the announcement that certified awful person George Zimmerman (no celebrity bold for you!) would appear on an episode of Celebrity Boxing to square off against rapper DMX (on what would have been Trayvon Martin's 19th birthday, no less). This news was actually so not good that… » 2/08/14 12:15pm 2/08/14 12:15pm

Your Morning Cry: Leonard Nimoy's Touching 1968 Advice Column Answers…

While the William Shatner era of Star Trek isn't exactly the first thing that springs to mind as a predecessor of the "It Gets Better" anti-bullying movement, Buzzfeed's got an excerpt from the advice pages of a 1968 teen magazine called Fave displays Leonard Nimoy's sensitivity to the plight of one particular young… » 3/16/13 12:00pm 3/16/13 12:00pm

Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Share Their Wedding Invitation With The…

Today in Tweet Beat, Hugh Hefner posts a photo of the invitation to his wedding to Crystal Harris. Plus, Joan Rivers and Sandra Bernhard hang out. » 5/04/11 7:30pm 5/04/11 7:30pm

Oprah, Sandra, & Meryl To Star Film About Home Shopping Network

Snooki Is Trying New Things

Today in Tweet Beat, Snooki is getting gross with this pickle obsession, T-Pain has a PSA about 7-11 nachos, and Mariah Carey uses "bleak" and "festive" in the same tweet. » 10/18/10 7:45pm 10/18/10 7:45pm

Rihanna Finally Regains Control Of Her Twitter Account

Today in Tweet Beat, Rihanna takes back her Twitter from her record company, Leonard Nimoy gives a haircut, and Andy Milonakis doesn't remember meeting Chelsea Clinton. » 8/27/10 8:15pm 8/27/10 8:15pm

Kathy Griffin Is Not Happy About Levi & Bristol

Today in Tweet Beat, Kathy Griffin pretends to be broken up over Levi's engagement to Bristol, Snooki has a new hair color and Sarah Silverman gets real. » 7/14/10 7:45pm 7/14/10 7:45pm

Celebs Mourn The Loss Of Harvey Pekar

Today in Tweet Beat, celebs like Rob Zombie, Elizabeth Banks, and Roger Ebert mourn the death of graphic novelist Harvey Pekar. Plus, William Shatner is hanging out in a cardboard box on the streets of New York. » 7/12/10 7:45pm 7/12/10 7:45pm

You Don't Want To Be On Ice-T's Bad Side

Today in Tweet Beat, Ice-T is not in a good mood today, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany (and a gun?) are hanging out together, and with Jon Gosselin, it's the same shit, different girlfriend. » 7/09/10 7:45pm 7/09/10 7:45pm

Spencer Pratt Says He's Ready To Be Single And That Lo's A "Whore"

Today in Tweet Beat, Spencer Pratt has returned to his Twitter account, saying he's a changed man while exhibiting his same gross behavior. Plus, Jessica Simpson did not have plastic surgery, and Kelly Kapowski had a baby. » 6/15/10 7:30pm 6/15/10 7:30pm

Andrew WK Will Pay You To Taste His Puke

Today in Tweet Beat, Andrew WK is offering people $500 a pop to taste his puke, The Situation reminds us he's famous, and Lindsay loves Enrique. » 6/14/10 8:00pm 6/14/10 8:00pm

Heidi Montag's Target Practice Video (Yes, With Guns)

Today in Tweet Beat, Heidi Montag posts a video of herself shooting guns, in an attempt to attract Michael Bay's attention for a part in Transformers 3. Also, she says she has no friends and she loves America. » 5/25/10 8:00pm 5/25/10 8:00pm

Star Trek Boldly Goes Where No Trek Has Gone Before

After 10 films and 5 television series, many believed the campy, iconic Star Trek franchise was dead. But a new prequel film revives it with two franchise firsts: universal praise and appeal even for non-Trekkies. » 5/08/09 5:40pm 5/08/09 5:40pm

Kiefer Surrenders To Cops; Paula Claims She's Never Been Drunk

Shia LaBeouf's Permanent Mistake

Owen Wilson & Kate Hudson To Tie The Knot?