Are You Eco-Conscious Enough to Get Off on a Hand-Cranked Vibrator?

As an April Fools prank, high-class sex toy company Lelo tweeted that they'd soon be distributing an eco-friendly vibrator made of recycled wood pulp and old tires. Foolishly, the fool public believed them. Fools! And not only did the fool public believe them, they were falling over their Toms to shove Mother… »4/25/13 11:10am4/25/13 11:10am


Brookstone Is Getting a Lot Less Coy About Being in the Sex Toy Business

If Brookstone was one of the many of catalogs crowding your inbox this holiday season, you might have noticed that among the pages selling electronic wine openers, heated slippers, and remote control toy helicopters, the gadget chain's infamous selection of "personal massagers" has expanded to include a large… »12/11/12 5:10pm12/11/12 5:10pm

The NEA: Is This "Luxury" Vibrator Worth It?

I'm not opposed to spending big money on sex toys, because I can't really think of anything that I value more than my orgasms. For a while now, I've found myself intrigued by companies that shill "high end" vibrators, claiming they are "as pleasing to the eye as to the touch." Now, I don't really give a crap about the… »5/01/08 4:30pm5/01/08 4:30pm