Help! My Partner Is Addicted to Collecting Toys and It's Freaking Me Out

Hey, folks! Sorry to dispense with my normal nonsense, but I got a really important letter that I‘m very excited to share. I don’t get a ton of letters dealing with real issues, but I’m always happy to try to help. If you only read this for silliness, don’t worry—there’s still an insane Mad Max theory and the world’s… »9/03/15 4:48pm9/03/15 4:48pm


These LEGO Instructions from 1974 Are Awesome (And Yes, They're Real) [UPDATED]

This photo of a note to parents, purportedly printed on a pamphlet included in a LEGO set from the 1970s, has been making laps around the Internet. The legitimacy of the note, which is noteworthy for its egalitarian tone, has been called into question – but we can now confirm its authenticity. »11/23/14 1:47pm11/23/14 1:47pm

Lego to Launch Female Scientist Series Following Gender Controversy

Lego has announced that it will launch science-themed play sets featuring female scientists and their lab tools. The series was chosen as the latest winner of Legos Ideas—in which people can submit and vote on proposals for play sets they'd like the toy company to sell—and comes on the heels of criticism surrounding… »6/05/14 2:20pm6/05/14 2:20pm

Michael Jackson's Thriller Epically Performed with Stop-Motion Lego

If you don't care about the Mileys and the Biebers like most sane humans of this world, one of the most iconic music videos to you is probably Michael Jackson's Thriller. Or maybe Billie Jean. Or is it Smooth Criminal? Beat It? Actually, it can be five more MJ creations. But Thriller is somethin'. And it's even more… »10/12/13 4:15pm10/12/13 4:15pm

These Great Lego Game of Thrones Minifigs Are Now for Sale

Game of Thrones' and Lego fans rejoice: Eddard Stark, Arya, the Mother of Dragons—sadly with only one baby dragon—John Snow and Tyrion Lannister can be all yours in precious minifig form for $70, a price that will feel something between the Red Wedding and Theon Greyjoy's torture to your credit card. »6/28/13 9:50am6/28/13 9:50am

It'll Take Months to Get a Bride Out of This Lego Wedding Dress

Japanese artist Rie Hosokai, of Daisy Balloon, created this amazing piece of high Lego fashion for Tokyo's "Piece of Peace" charity exhibit at the Parco Museum. Structurally it's simply stunning (albeit a bit Disney Princessy). The construction, contour and shape are based on Hosokai's balloon dress. As an item of… »6/24/13 12:42pm6/24/13 12:42pm

Let's Swap the Audio for Girls' and Boys' Lego Commercials and See What Happens

We've been talking a lot about Lego Friends, the new Legos for girls that, while remarkably boring, happen to be selling very well. It's frustrating to see advertisers and toy manufacturers decide what should interest girls and what should interest boys, but it's also interesting to see how they do it. »2/22/12 5:55pm2/22/12 5:55pm

Lego Targets Girls With Pink Blocks, Cute Figures, & No Creativity

Lego is universally beloved because it's a toy that's fun and surreptitiously educational. Instead of just allowing kids to reenact scenes from superhero movies or shoot their sister with a foam dart, Lego bricks let children develop their motor skills, solve problems, and use their imaginations to create anything… »12/15/11 3:10pm12/15/11 3:10pm