New Site Tracks How Many Days Have Passed Since a Republican Said Something Shitty About Rape

If my 2012 self could visit my 2008 self, 2012 self wouldn't have the heart to tell 2008 self that in the years 2011-2012, there's going to be a whole lot of really depressing rape-mansplaining from the GOP. 2008 self would also be devastated to know that the problem has gotten so gigantic and stupid that a website…

Pennsylvania Bill Requires Low-Income Women to Prove They Were Raped in Order to Qualify for Welfare

The more naive readers out there might think there's only one kind of rape: forced sexual penetration. Ha! There's actually a bevy of rape flavors, including "rape" rape, "grey" rape, "legitimate" rape, "forcible" rape, and — last and most recent but certainly not least — rape by divine intervention.


The Doctor Who Taught Todd Akin All About Legitimate Rape is A Real Guy. And He's Crazy.

When Todd Akin said that he learned from "doctors" that women's reproductive organs can stop themselves from getting pregnant from "legitimate rape" (sort of like high tech, high security spy facilities that women can control with their minds) the world balked. What doctors? Dr. Spaceman? Dr. Nick? Dr. Pepper? Dr.…